A flower farm...


Flowers are our passion at Historic Veblen Farm.  Our bouquets and wedding decor have that "fresh-picked" country garden look because they really are just-picked, frequently going from field to vase in a matter of hours.  We offer a variety of unique, hard-to-find and charmingly old-fashioned seasonal cut flowers.  

  Our guiding principles can be summed up in three words--LOCAL…SEASONAL…SUSTAINABLE...Not only are our flowers strikingly beautiful and deliciously fragrant they're also safer--safer for the birds, bees and butterflies that frequent the garden and safer for everyone who enjoys our flowers in their lives.  Because we use only sustainable farming methods our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that our bouquets are not only strikingly beautiful but pesticide-free as well.  

We love bringing joy and beauty into the lives of others with our flowers and welcome orders for deliveries of custom designed arrangements.  Subscriptions are available for deliveries of seasonal bouquets to individuals and businesses in a 20 miles radius of Nerstrand, Minnesota. We also do flowers for weddings and other events in the Twin Cities, surrounding suburbs and southeastern Minnesota.    


 and a National Historic landmark



Our busy flower farm is most notably known as the Thorstein Veblen Farmstead National Historic Landmark.  In l981 the Secretary of the Interior designated the farmstead a National Historic Landmark because of it's historic significance as the childhood home of Thorstein Veblen. Veblen was one of America's most important thinkers and a world renowned economist and social critic.  

 The Thorstein Veblen Farmstead National Historic Landmark is one of only 25 National Historic Landmarks in Minnesota, including Charles Lindberg's home in Little Falls, Fort Snelling in St. Paul and Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior, among others.         


Looking for a relaxing and unique country retreat?  Book a stay in our historic 1867 farmhouse.