It was such a pleasure to meet you both and see your beautiful place — ‘the best kept secret in Minnesota’.
— Bonnie

The Thorstein Veblen Farmstead National Historic Landmark                             

The most satisfying part of our stewardship of the Landmark is sharing the Veblen family story with guests and tour groups.  The story of Norwegian immigrants Thomas and Kari Veblen and their children exemplifies the immigrant experience of 19th century America.  This farm stands as a testament to their ingenuity, devotion to hard work and determination to educate their children for a better future in their new country.

Their son Thorstein initially gained recognition with the publication of his first book, The Theory of the Leisure Class, in 1899. It has been translated into many languages, and has been in continuous publication ever since. The Landmark honors Veblen's accomplishments as a world-renowned economist, author and social critic. Visitors experience the home where one of America's most important thinkers grew up, and gain some insight into how Thorstein Veblen's childhood experiences on a late 19th century immigrant farm helped shape his economic and social theories that continue to remain relevant today.

Tours of the Landmark may be scheduled for Wednesday afternoons between June 15 and October 15 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and are limited to 20 people.  The price is $10/per person, with a minimum charge of $120.  If desired, arrangements can be made for refreshments on the lawn.  Possibilities range from homemade cookies and lemonade to a full picnic lunch in the garden.  Price is determined by the size of the group and choice of refreshments.

To schedule a tour of the Landmark please fill out the contact form and include 'TOUR' in the subject line and the date you would like to visit the farm.  We look forward to sharing the Landmark with you!